Works ( —— current)

The intersections, enigmas, and inevitable conflicts of multiculturalism are central in my practice. The body installation performances challenge conventional art-and-spectator relationships, focusing on the fleeting gestures and social subtleties of lived experience or brief movement rather than on labeled material objects.

Works to be updated

2022 Performance / Installation: ‘Beyond the Earth, are you sober enough?

2022 Body Installation: ‘are you sober enough to Bento Me’

2021 Performance ‘3 minute objectification sculpture’

2022-2021 No defined composition (painting? installation?)

2021 Drawing wedding vow

2020 Drawings

2021 ‘Painting’ Paintings

2020 Paintings

2019 Painting/Installation

2019-2017 Collage

2018 Painting/Sculpture

2017-2016 Paintings

2018-2017 Painting

2016-2014 Early works Installation / Drawing

2014-2013 Early woks Installation / Performance